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Adena Montessori Sandpaper Letters Lowercase Cursive


Ages: 12 Months and Up
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26 cursive lowercase sandpaper letters. Consonants are on pink wooden boards and vowels are on blue boards.

Includes extra y on blue board.

The cursive letters further heighten the child's awareness of the sounds in words.

The cursive wooden letters unite these sounds by means of muscular and visual memory to the appropriate symbol.

Preparation for writing and reading.


Lowercase Sandpaper Letters - Cursive

This set includes 26 cursive sandpaper letters in lowercase. The sandpaper letters (lowercase, cursive) are presented in the traditional colors of blue for vowels and pink for consonants. The letters themselves are fine-grit sandpaper on painted hardboard for a durable, long-lasting finish.


A Great Learning Materials for Preschool

The sandpaper letters guide the hand for writing as the child traces the letter shapes in the style and direction that they are written. Each sandpaper letter is in lowercase with the consonants on boards painted pink, and the vowels on boards painted blue. The set includes an extra "y" in blue (twenty-seven letters in all) for instances where y is used as a vowel. Each board has a space on the left and right for the child to steady it with one hand while tracing the letter with the other.


Montessori Language Materials for 3-4 Years Old Toddlers

Indirectly prepares the child to write.

You can use these quality letters to introduce letter formation and letter sounds simultaneously. You can also use them for other engaging alphabet activities. They will stand up to lots of little hands for some time.

Adena Montessori

Adena Montessori is a Montessori materials supplier from China. With the wish to accompany your children in their lifelong learning journey, they offer various types of Montessori materials.

Adena started 18 years ago in export and began producing Montessori materials 3 years later. Now they have a wide selection of products you can pick out.

Adena has 15 years of experience producing Montessori materials and has a wide range of products. You can select anything from Practical life to furniture for your Montessori home.

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