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Alison's Montessori Wall Mirror Shapes With Pull-Up Bar


Ages: 0 Month and Up
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Toddlers will delight in the image of themselves as they explore the physical activity of pulling themselves up on two legs.


Safe clear acrylic mirror.
Mounts to the wall with screws.
GreenGuard Certified.
Made in USA.
Lifetime warranty.
Panel material: Birch laminate
Dimensions: 47 × 5 × 30 inches


Care and Cleaning

Clean with mild soap and water. To safely disinfect, apply a solution of 1/4-teaspoon household bleach and 1 cup lukewarm water to surfaces, then wipe away or allow to air dry for at least two minutes.



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Alison's Montessori Wall Mirror Shapes With Pull-Up Bar

  • Greenguard Certified

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