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Avrsol Wooden Baby Play Gym With Foldable Frame Natural

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Ages: 3-12 Months
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Comes With 3 Wooden Toys and 3 Soft Toys

Baby Play Gym is a gorgeous first toy that will stimulate your baby and encourage him to reach and grab for the dangling toys and beads. Baby Play Gym features 6 toys that stimulate your baby's senses.


Baby Gym With Mat

Soft and thick machine-washable play mat. The playmat is an 86 cm diameter, 7 cm high round cushion, able to give the baby space comfort.


Easy to Put Together

It is light. This is nice for moving it around the house. It folds flat easily. The legs easily close together as they are held from sliding apart by a rope. This makes for easier carrying around the house or storage. It’s very portable.

It’s suitable for developing hearing, and learning sounds at the appropriate age. Baby really liked to hit his Montessori bell on his wooden baby gym.

The baby gym stimulates your baby’s sense of color, touch, and reach. It’s great for teaching your baby to grab, crawl, sit, stand, and go for the first steps.

Avrsol Wooden Baby Play Gym With Foldable Frame Natural

  • Baby-Friendly

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