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Gonzagarredi Golden Bead Material Complete Setup


Ages: 3-12 Years
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The Golden Bead Material introduces the child to the decimal system with concrete representations of the hierarchy of numbers. Quantity and place value are explored by the child through activities in the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

The set contains:
100 golden bead units in a wooden box
45 golden bars of 10 in a wooden box
45 wooden squares of 100 in a long wood tray
9 wooden cubes of 1000 in a square wood tray
3 boxes containing the small number cards 1-3000
1 box containing the large number cards 1-9000
9 additional wooden trays:

  • 4 small squares
  • 4 medium rectangles
  • 1 large rectangle

GAM Gonzagarredi Montessori also known simply as Gonzagarredi is an Italian company that design, manufacture, and market solutions for nurseries, pre-schools, schools, libraries, and cultural centers.

Maria Maraini Guerrieri Gonzaga was among the first who support Maria Montessori's findings and endorse them. They started with a small workshop Ernesto Bassoli e Figli which later became Gonzagarredi.

The collaboration with Maria Montessori has made Gonzagarredi one of the only three companies that produce AMI-approved Montessori materials. Their products meet the latest technical standards.

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