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Little Colorado One Tier Shelf 20 Inches


Ages: 6 Months and Up
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Little Colorado Modular Monti system is a line that converts a simple shelf into a desk, a dollhouse, a self-care station, and more. It is designed to grow and transform as your toddler does, with interchangeable parts that turn existing furniture into different, exciting products that suit your child's current size and varied interests.

The Modular Monti One-Tier Shelf is the shortest shelf they make and comes in three widths: 20in, 30in and 40in. It is sturdy enough for either a home setting or classroom.

The open design allows children of different ages to remove things from the shelves and then replace them when they are finished playing or reading. Infants can easily reach the lower shelf or use it as a support to pull themselves up and guide them while trying out those all-important first steps.

If you practice toy rotation Little Colorado strongly recommends the Toy Rotation option. Because the drawers are removable you can set up one of the shelves for rotation storage. As a result, if over time you no longer need the storage the drawers can be removed–or they can be switched from one shelf to another as your toddler grows.

Standard lead time of 3-5 business days for a Montessori product.

Need to convert your shelf? Check out Little Colorado collection of conversion kits!

As part of Little Colorado Refund & Refresh program, when your children outgrow their furniture they will buy the product back from you for 30% of its original purchase price.

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