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Lovevery Black & White Card Set Ocean


Ages: Newborn and Up
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Montessori New Project (16)

Support Your Baby’s Brain and Visual Development

High-contrast images with varying pattern complexity help develop and strengthen your baby's eyesight, while playful themes provide fun ways to build their vocabulary. These black and white cards are perfect on the go or as expansion sets to your favorite Lovevery playthings with cardholders.



For newborns 0+ months



Made from no-tear baby-safe paper and soy-based ink
Product size: 5 x 7 inches
Wipe clean with a cloth to clean



Kraft mailers from 100% recycled content
Curbside is recyclable, renewable, and made in the US


Lovevery is a toy company that creates toys based on children’s developmental stages. They offer toys that will help your children grow to be their best selves.

Lovevery is probably most known for its play kits. Their play kits are designed by experts and they offer you the most suitable play based on your child’s age.

Lovevery was founded by Jessica and Rod. It all started when Jessica read research and learned that babies’ brains develop the most because of the stimulation in the first 3 years of life.

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