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Nienhuis Montessori United States Location Color Set


Ages: 5 Years and Up
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Montessori color set

This includes maps for coloring the states as directed by the command cards. Each card directs the child to locate a particular state and color it a specified color, then check off that state in the list. The set includes 1 fully colored map with the names of the states for control. 50 sheets.



Brand: Nienhuis Montessori
Minimum age: 5 years
Certification: AMI approved

Nienhuis Montessori United States Location Color Set

  • AMI Approved

Nienhuis is the world's leading Montessori brand that combines skills, advanced technology, and modern equipment. The high-quality learning materials they produce meet Montessori's standards.

Nienhuis was founded in 1929 by Albert Nienhuis, who teamed up with Maria Montessori to produce learning materials that create a stimulating educational environment where the children are the center.

As a brand officially endorsed by the Association Montessori Internationale, Nienhuis products reflect Maria Montessori's vision of education that enables children to discover the world independently.

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