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Wood and Hearts Montessori Toddler Dixie Chair


Ages: 1-6 Years
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Montessori chair

A spacious countertop and a comfortable chair with a backrest will allow your baby to do what they love in comfort. Made according to Montessori technology, with an interesting minimalist design and Scandinavian vibes, the chair is sturdy and reliable and will be the perfect space for creativity and dreams in the kids' room.

Age range from 1 year to 6 years.
Montessori furniture that conforms to the Montessori method.
The item is made of high-class birch plywood. Wood and Hearts makes sure that everything is brought in perfect condition.
Absolutely non-toxic and safe. All corners are carefully sanded smooth by hand.


Dimensions and Additional Info

Width: 29.7 cm / 11.7 in
Depth: 25.4 cm / 10 in
Height: 56 cm / 21.7 in



This set does not contain any dangerous chemical elements and is safe for your baby!!!
Watch your children during games on children's furniture!!! Always be vigilant during children's games!!!

The color of the product may be slightly different (lighter / darker) because it is made of natural wood.

Do not leave the items outside. They are for indoor use only. Wood and Hearts warranty does not cover the damages caused by the weather conditions if items are left outside.

Wood and Hearts Montessori Toddler Dixie Chair

  • Non-Toxic
Wood and Hearts

WoodandHearts is a kids' furniture company based in the USA. They create furniture based on Montessori educational method. Their products are safe and foster children’s independence.

Denys Shkribliak has been getting inspiration from his kids. He started applying wood because he learns that it is safer than plastic. He also applies Montessori and Pikler’s approaches to designing.

WoonandHearts have been creating their furniture using wood and safe materials for children. They have also been certified by CE and CPC as well as other major international toy standards.

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