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Arbor Inspirations Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Sorting Set


Ages: 3 Years and Up
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Materials: unfinished wood.



This Magnetic/Non-Magnetic Sorting Set is fantastic for a classroom setting, a daycare or home school environment, or as an extension to your educational learning home. Children can sort a variety of objects under the labels "magnetic" or "non-magnetic." Great for a Montessori or Reggio Emilia-inspired environment.


Materials Included

Woven basket.

Magnet wand.

Wooden "magnetic" & "non-magnetic" labels.

5 Magnetic objects and 5 non-magnetic objects (colors of objects may vary).


Display mat is not included.


Suggestions for Use

Place this work in a place for your child/children to easily access.

Use this as an extension activity after child has been introduced to light & heavy.


Important Information 

Recommended for children ages 3 and up as there are small parts. If using with young children, please keep a close eye on them.

Some of these materials are made with unfinished wood and may have some exposed wood splinters.

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