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Aspiring Tots Treasure Basket Fall


Ages: 6 Months and Up
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Materials: burlap, felt, needle felted, natural wood bark, unfinished wood, seedpods, seed pod, teether, rattan, wicker, cinnamon, metal bell.


Aspiring Tots' autumn multi-sensory heuristic treasure basket holds the perfect balance of sensory stimulation and open ended learning for any curious baby or toddler. Inspired by Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, Charlotte Mason, and Montessori learning styles, this toy was designed to grow with your baby's needs and abilities.


This encourages learning from loose parts and pretend play in babies and toddlers. Natural items of various size, shape, texture, color, temperature, and sound stimulate the senses and fire up neurons, especially in a small child's still developing brain, thus further aiding in their learning and development. This makes the sensory material in Aspiring Tots Treasure Basket an ideal exploration and learning activity for any growing baby. Containing burlap, felt, wicker, rattan, wood, metal, and more, this basket offers loads of different shapes, temps, and textures. This material will engage little hands to explore again and again.


Start by introducing a few items at a time, choose according to child's age or dexterity level, and quietly observe as each item is curiously explored. Since this is a toy without set limits, allowing this unaided exploration of the material will build confidence and self-esteem!


Babies and toddlers will also gain fine motor skills, learn to balance objects, acquire spatial awareness, and begin to understand object permanence from using Aspiring Tot's treasure basket. Place the ball or pinecone on the ring, in the basket, or balance it on the spoon, and watch as baby mimics your actions.


What baby doesn't love a good fill and spill? Most children at this age love to simply fill things up and dump them out. The small burlap bag is perfect for this. Baby will enjoy placing the smaller items into the bag, dumping them out, and then starting again and again and again. This activity never seems to get old!


Use this Fall Treasure Basket to interact with baby too! Rub the velvety seed pod against their tiny toes and enjoy those irresistible baby giggles. Shake the bell to entice the sense of sound. Roll one of the various ball shaped items to baby, then hold out your hands for them to roll it back, or simply let them explore the shape and feel of the item. Breathe in the smell of cinnamon and notice your little ones reaction as they do the same. Use the felt or burlap leaves and pinecone as a story prop in an Autumn tale, thus increasing vocabulary skills and imagination in children and in oneself.


The possibilities are as limitless as the potential within your growing baby!



Unavailable items will be substituted with an alternative that is as visually similar to photos as possible and will always be of the same nature (ex: a leaf will still be a leaf). If you have any questions, or wish to inquire of any possible substitutions, please feel free to send Aspiring Tots a message and they can inform you if there are any current changes.

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