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Beiens Crinkle Cloth Book Jungle Tails

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Ages: 0-12 Months
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100% Polyester

Baby's First Library

Baby boys or girls love these early learning toys. The bright colors will catch the baby's attention, the crinkle feature on both cover pages and the squeaker sound improve the baby's audio recognition and motor skills, and textured animal tails provide sensory interaction. These interactive cloth books help babies engage for endless hours of fun!


A Beginning to Know Things

You can read this animal tail-themed cloth book with your baby, and let your baby get closer to nature and animals. These children's cloth books are also a kind of early educational toys, that can stimulate language ability, reading ability, sensory skills, communication skills, and rich imagination to let your child win at the starting line.


All for Baby's Safety

These handmade cloth books are made with BPA-free Polyester, are washable, have no sharp edges, are non-toxic, skin-friendly, and are safe for babies. Also soft fabric surface is comfortable for little hands to grip. Velcro-designed hanging strap on the top makes this 3D activity book suitable for most strollers, baby fences, and cribs.


Make Tummy Time Enjoyable

You can also put these baby books on the floor for the tummy time. The colorful and beautiful patterns can attract the baby's attention for a long time. Babies will enjoy touching and flipping these soft books, making tummy time fun.


Cloth Straps for Hanging

They feature cloth straps that allow you to attach them to various items such as strollers, car seats, and play gyms. It is a great toy for travel that will keep your kids busy and quiet on long journeys.


Toys for Baby Boys and Girls

The beiens soft activity books are lifelong and never-get-old toys for infants and toddlers. Whatever age and gender you are planning to give, beiens' soft baby books are ideal newborn developmental toys for 0-12 month infants and 1-2 years old, perfect for baby showers, birthdays, and Christmas.

Beiens Crinkle Cloth Book Jungle Tails

  • Baby-Friendly
  • Baby-Safe Materials
  • BPA-Free
  • Child-Friendly
  • Child-Safe
  • Non-Toxic
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