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Bellemave Full Size Floor House Bed Frame With Fence


Ages: 15 Months and Up
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Montessori Bellemave Full Size Floor House Bed Frame With Fence

Kids House Floor Bed

The simple house bed frame design adds charm and character to a child’s bedroom. With sturdy pine frames, this full bed offers a safe space for your kids to get a good night's sleep. And kids can DIY their own bedroom to be more fantastic meanwhile increasing interaction with your kids.


Multi-Usage Floor Bed

This elegant house bed features low height which allows your kids to get in or out easily. You can place your mattress directly on the floor or set this house frame over on a full-size bed frame. This unique house bed creates a fun and adorable space that not only serves as a cozy sleeping area but also doubles as a playground.


Advanced Wooden Bed Frame

Sturdy construction house bed, this full house bed is made of 100% quality tested solid pine wood frame, which ensures stability and durability. The house-shaped design adds extra fun to the kids' living room.


Designed for Better Sleep of Your Kids

Bellemave’s full house bed creates a semi-enclosed space for kids to explore their imaginations, and Bellemave’s house bed for kids also creates a comforting atmosphere for better sleep while not sacrificing air circulation. Sweet dreams and an amazing day started with Bellemave’s fun kids' bed.


Easy to Assemble

Bellemave’s full house bed comes with detailed instructions and numbered parts so that it can be assembled step by step conveniently. Two people are recommended when assembling this bed.

If there is any part missing or damaged during shipping, please contact Bellemave, Bellemave will help you solve the problem ASAP.


Bellemave is a company based in USA. It specializes in children's beds. It has now become one of the most trusted low-cost home furnishings suppliers on the internet.

Bellemave's full line of products includes bunk beds, loft beds, platform beds, daybeds, upholstered beds, house beds, and more. They will continue to expand into different varieties.

They started in their garage in 2010, producing children's beds until now. Their designers hand select wood species, fabrics and more to provide a fun and low-cost shopping time.

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