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Coastal Hippie Design Cube Chair Jojoba Oil Finish


Ages: 1-4 Years
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Materials: Baltic birch, quality joinery, glue.


This multifunctional cube chair is suitable for all developing ages 1-4, infant-toddler-preschool. Each cube has two different seat heights to grow with your child. A one-size-fits-all design makes for the perfect gift. Like all their listings, this cube chair is built 100% by Michael Thorgersen in the USA.


These cubes are handcrafted out of high-quality Baltic Birch for the perfect mix of durability and appearance. Only top-shelf joinery and glue, a proven formula that will last generations. No detail is overlooked, even in making sure that all 3 sides have a continuous wrap-around grain pattern from the same piece of wood guaranteeing a perfect color match. All corners and edges have a soft radius applied. Each cube is sanded very smooth (180 grit) with attention given to all edges that have been rounded over. These can be used naturally as is or are ready to accept all finishes.


Finish Options (in Order of Protection)

Jojoba Oil & Beeswax Mix

This is a clear light penetrating finish that warms the color a bit. This feels very smooth to the touch and is a popular finish to use with children's toys.


This over-the-top finish is a all-natural clear hard surface finish made from just real shellac flakes and green denatured alcohol. This is a multiple coat process w/sanding between coats to make for a very smooth naturally clear wonderful finish. Very much like polyurethane, but 100% natural.


This listing is for one small cube chair. Montessori cube sets are also available.



Small Cube Chair

Seat height - 5.25 in & 7.25 in.
Width - 12.5 in.
Height - 11.75 in.
Depth - 11 in.


This cube chair is built with safety in mind, but adult supervision is always recommended when in use.

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