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DGD Convertible Learning Tower With Chalkboard and Backrest Natural


Ages: 18 Months-6 Years
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What can this Step Stool?

Learning - Parents and kids can study, and create together.

Bathroom - Kids could finish some simple work like washing hands, brushing their teeth or cleaning the toys.

Kitchen - A little helper will assist parents in cooking and kids also learn much.

Eating - As a member of families, kids could eat with others like an adult.

For children, the world is a magical and curious place. They learn by mirroring others with the ultimate goal of being able "to do it myself".

The kitchen assistant for toddlers makes them feel like active member of the family, fully participating in the learning and creative process.



Please use this product under adult supervision.

The child's waist should not exceed the uppermost fence, otherwise, there is a danger of falling.

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