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ECR4Kids Standing Mirror Double-Sided Bi-Directional Natural

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Ages: 0 Months and Up
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Material: Birch


Kids Play Mirror

Double-sided kid-safe mirror provides distortion-free images for children in playrooms, bedrooms, and classrooms; intended for use by all ages, adult supervision is recommended.



Use horizontally for babies to practice tummy time, self-awareness, and crawling; rotate vertically as little ones grow for use during dress-up, role-play, or as a wall mirror.


Durable Finish

A clear lacquer is applied using a multi-step process highlighting the natural features and grain of the wood making each piece truly unique; designed to withstand daily wear and tear.


Certified Safe

Greenguard Gold Certified for low VOCs, TSCA and CPSIA compliant, and features rounded edges for safety and anti-tip feet for added stability.


Assembled dimensions

The Bi-Directional Mirror measures 14.6 inches W x 15.6 inches D x 45.7 inches H.


Developmental Benefits


Social & Emotional Development

Time spent playing in the mirror allows little ones to study facial expressions, developing their social and emotional skills. Allow little ones the chance to observe, pick up on social cues, and develop relationships. Identifying emotions and feelings is a crucial part of empathy development. Mirrors are a great way to practice what these feelings look and sound like in their faces, bodies, and voices.


Self Awareness

One activity that gives children the chance to develop the first steps in self-awareness is through mirror play. The first time an infant smiles at himself in the mirror, he is reacting to seeing a happy face. Eventually when using mirror play as a daily activity your little one comes to understand that is him (and you) in the mirror. Self-awareness helps children understand their strengths, emotions, and needs and ultimately fosters greater self-confidence.


Gross Motor Skills

Infant gross motor skills develop quickly, and daily "tummy time" allows little ones to build the necessary back, neck, and core muscles to support their body. A mirror can be a perfect distraction during tummy time, as your baby becomes enamored with the other little person in the mirror.


Creativity and Role Play

Build self-esteem and creativity by encouraging the use of imaginative play. A mirror in combination with dress-up time is a fun and engaging way for children to learn to communicate and express themselves. Motivate children to express their individuality while understanding the perspective of others.

ECR4Kids Standing Mirror Double-Sided Bi-Directional Natural

  • CPSIA Compliant
  • Greenguard Certified
  • Pre-Assembled
  • TSCA Compliant

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