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Essential Montessori Materials Bundle Natural


Ages: 3-6 Months
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Essential Montessori's most popular Montessori materials for 3-6 months are now available in one bundle! Enjoy watching your little one learn to roll over, practice hand-to-hand transfer, and start to scoot with these materials. Basket is not included.


Bell Roller

This Montessori-inspired rolling bell toy can be rolled or shaken and is great fun for the child who is learning to crawl and can chase after it. Essential Montessori recommends introducing at 6 months old, or while learning to crawl, if earlier. The bell on the inside makes a very pleasant sound as the toy is moved around. It is about 3.5 inches long.


All of the wood used in this material is finished with homemade natural beeswax and olive oil blend.


Interlocking Discs

The interlocking discs are one of the first developmental toys that can be offered. First, they will aid with the grasping reflex of the child as they learn to handle the material and even transfer it from hand to hand. Further, the design of this item allows it to gently roll away when placed on the floor - encouraging your little one to chase after it once he or she has started crawling!


It measures about 3 1/2 inches long by 2 1/4 inches high. It is finished with a natural homemade blend of beeswax and olive oil.


These are available in the fixed (glued) configuration, however, if you desire the "puzzle" (unglued) option, leave a note in the "note to seller." These discs are glued together with non-toxic glue so that they may be used in hand-to-hand transfer by the child as well as rolling away when the child first becomes mobile.


Classic Montessori Shaker

This Montessori-inspired wooden shaker is pleasing to both the eyes and ears. When shaken, the wood makes a lovely sound!


It is approximately 4 inches in length, making it easy for your baby to grasp. The material is finished with a natural homemade blend of beeswax and olive oil. The ends are attached with non-toxic wood glue.


The shaker rings are available in a variety of colors including natural, pink, olive, yellow, and purple. The colors are created through homemade dyes, using all-natural ingredients: blueberries, red cabbage, beets, and turmeric. The colors are more subtle than commercial dyes, so please see the example picture of dyes in each of these colors.

Essential Montessori Materials Bundle Natural

  • Non-Toxic

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