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Gopo Toys Wooden Shape Sorter and Color Stacker


Ages: 1-3 Years
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Montessori Stacking Toy for Toddlers

Gopo Toys' Montessori sorting toy is the perfect choice for you and your toddler as it is made from high-quality natural wood with sturdy pegs and durable water-based paint. This baby stacking blocks toy is suitable for toddlers aged 18 months and up and represents the perfect activity to learn through play!


Happy and Educational Childhood

This toddler learning toy is designed to help children develop their fine motor skills, count and sort, and better recognize patterns. This wooden stacking puzzle contains 15 pieces including blocks of 5 different gradient colors and 5 geometric shapes of different sizes. The oversized pegs and shapes that come with this set are large enough to be easily grasped by tiny fingers - an excellent hand-eye and wrist coordination challenge for your child!


Multi-Sensory Development

Gopo Toys' Montessori developmental stacking toy is an easy game that involves mounting one piece on top of another piece. The geometric blocks have different sizes, shapes, and gradient colors. While stacking the blocks, children need to sit and balance core muscles to move their hands freely and figure out which shape fits where. This kind of activity will help your toddler to control his body movements which are in coordination with the stacking and sorting activity!


Child-Safe Design

Their wooden Montessori shape sorter toy is made of lightweight natural wood covered with smooth non-toxic water paint. Unlike other Montessori toys on the market, Gopo Toys' wooden stacking puzzle has a smooth surface, reinforced pegs, and rounded edges - protecting the little hands from scratching. This very important detail eliminates the risk of your child being injured and offers complete safety to both the child and the parent!


Awesome Gift for a Special Child

If you are looking for an amazing gift for toddlers then you will love this Montessori preschool stacking toy. With various multi-play features, the little ones can build it, stack it and thread it, learn shapes and colors from circle to triangle and red to blue, or simply build random objects and patterns - a great way to bring a big smile to your child's face!

Gopo Toys Wooden Shape Sorter and Color Stacker

  • Child-Safe
  • High-Quality
  • Non-Toxic
  • Water-Based Paint

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