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Grandpa Ken Twin Learning Tower Natural Finish


Ages: 2 Years and Up
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This twin-size foldable/collapsible kitchen helper is perfect for people who don't want their kitchen helper clogging up their kitchen all the time! 25 in wide so two toddlers can easily use it at the same time! You can use it safely with both your toddlers, and then fold it and store it with ease - only 3 ¹/⁴ in wide. Simply unfold it then next time you want to use it!



Grandpa Ken's Twin Kitchen Helper folds down so that it is only 3 ¹/⁴ in wide! (see video). This allows for easy storage in between uses. They use the Kitchen Helper all day with their granddaughter, and then tuck it away out of sight at night! This is possible because of the 16 steel hinges that they mention in the materials section!


Dimension and Weight

The Kitchen Helper stands 38 in tall (to the top of the curved railing, & about 36 to the top of the straight railing), 25 in wide x 18 in deep, and the depth from the top of the rail to the top of the base platform is 18 in.



When folded, the Twin Kitchen Helper is only 3 ¹/⁴ in deep! Still 38 in tall, and 43 in wide.



14 pounds of solid pine wood!

Also available in solid oak - 21 pounds!


Safety and Weight Capacity

Grandpa Ken built his first one for his granddaughter, and he's taken the same time and care on each one that he's built after, so you know that your child will be safe and secure while in the kitchen helper (with adult supervision, of course!). He intentionally used 3 in wide wooden pieces for the four railings around the top, and curved the two side railings, to provide extra security and to negate much of the fall risk that he felt may exist with some of the other kitchen helper designs. His tower has a weight capacity of 230 pounds.



Four adjustable heights, 7 in, 11 in, 15 in, and 19 in (see pics), so you can continue to use it as your child grows! It’s really easy to move the base platform to adjust height (see video) - and the base platform fits very snugly, locking the tower into place.



Grandpa Ken uses high-quality 1in pinewood. He used 16 steel hinges that allow for secure foldability of the tower.
Now available in oak!


Finish Option

1) No finish, sanded
2) Natural finish with non-toxic natural wax
3) No finish - OAK
4) Natural finish - OAK


Assembly (some required)

Some assembly is required, unfortunately. You will have to screw 32 screws into pre-drilled holes. Mini-screwdriver will work to put together, but it would be easier for sure if you owned a screw gun! Instructions will be provided.

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