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Growgo Balance Beam


Ages: 3-5 Years
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Made of smooth, sturdy natural birch, each hard balance beam for kids aged 3-5 has a plain side & a side with challenges for balance & posture development. Mix up these kids' balance beams to vary difficulty levels!


Easy Connectors

Build an open line or a circuit in any shape! With simple connectors, assemble the toddler balance beams in seconds. Ensuring firm fixation, connectors are also stackable.


Storage Bag

You’ll also receive a 24.4 x 19.3 inches cotton bag for storage. Forget the after-play mess!


Craft Game

Encourage creativity with the craft feature! Cut out the figures printed on this Montessori furniture box, then let children decorate them & join them into colorful creatures. Multiuse & educational, it’s a great gift for any child!


Works With Stepping Stones

Ideal for the step-a-trail, this wooden balance beam for toddlers 3+ set is for kids <68 lb & meant to be used inside.

Growgo Balance Beam

  • Child-Friendly
  • Child-Safe
  • Double-Sided

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