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Hape Geometric Rattle


Ages: 0 Months and Up
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Made From Japanese Rice

The rattle and toys are made from Japanese rice-based materials, which are non-toxic and safe for your children.


Ball, Rattle, and a Lens

The yellow ball with an absolutely joyful face contains a wooden bead, the pink cylindrical rattle contains a bell that your child will without a doubt use to make beautiful sounds and the square toy contains plastic beads and a colored lens that children can look through and experience the world in a different color.


Inspired Creation

This three-piece toy set has been inspired by the Froebel Gifts developed by Friedrich Froebel. Froebel laid down the foundations for modern education and created the concept of kindergarten. This toy set will greatly improve your child’s understanding of the cause-and-effect relationships as well as their hand and eye coordination.



The pastel-colored geometric rattle is expertly designed to fit snuggly into little hands. The toy is safe for your newborn bundle of joy!


Stackable Toys

As your children grow, encourage them to try new things with the three-piece toy set, and encourage them to do basic stacking and sorting activities.

Hape Geometric Rattle

  • Child-Friendly
  • Child-Safe
  • Non-Toxic

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