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Mirus Toys Weather Station


Ages: 3 Years and Up
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Materials: cherry, food safe linseed oil finish, maple, stainless steel, cmyk ink.



A perfect tool for the young meteorologist.

This weather watcher calendar not only features "What is it like today" but also the curious pieces to predict " what will it be like tomorrow."

Weather chart has on the top for current conditions.

Temperature dial with both Fahrenheit and Celsius. One or both can be removed if desired.

Weather dial with 8 common weather conditions. If your place has different weather conditions, please let Mirus Toys knows. It can be customized.

Every day weather is influenced by many factors such as the seasons, position of the sun, wind conditions, air pressure and humidity, which manifests in the different formation of clouds. Guessing what type of type they see is in itself a fun activity for the kids.


To reflect that, the second, mid and bottom portion features:

Wind conditions, uses Beaufort scale 0-12 from calm to hurricane.

Seasons. A simple 4 season wheel.

Cloud types. Different types at different altitudes.

Made of maple and cherry hardwoods.

Measures 11 x 11 inches.

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