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Monty Baby Mirror Blocks


Ages: 18 Months and Up
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Let's encourage your baby to learn about their environment! And themselves!

Monty Baby Mirror Blocks provide an opportunity for your child to explore and engage in open-ended, imaginative play. They reflect images of your baby, the environment, and surrounding objects, allowing your child to visually manipulate and observe the world around them from different angles. This fosters their cognitive development, spatial awareness, and encourages problem-solving skills as they construct and arrange the blocks to create their own unique structures.

The presence of Monty Mirror Blocks will enhance your child's self-awareness and promote the development of their social skills. Through self-reflection, they begin to recognize their own actions, expressions, and movements, laying the foundation for self-identity.

Monty Mirror Blocks can facilitate cooperative play when children collaborate and communicate with peers, sharing ideas and building together.

In addition to cognitive and social benefits, Monty Mirror Blocks contribute to refining your child's fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. As they manipulate and position the blocks, they develop their dexterity and learn to coordinate their movements with visual cues. This strengthens their grip, promotes precision, and paves the way for future writing and drawing skills.

Integrating Monty Mirror Blocks into your child's playtime provides them with an immersive and holistic learning experience. Their creativity, problem-solving abilities, self-awareness, social skills, and fine motor development are all nurtured through building and exploring with blocks.


Aesthetically Pleasing

Monty Baby Mirror Blocks are designed to fit into an upscale environment. You won't want to put them away after your baby is done playing!


What's Included?

The set comes with 16 wooden 3D geometric-shaped blocks. Each block is crafted to last generations.



These wooden toys last because Monty Baby keeps the water content at or above 15%. Because the toys have more water, they are better for your skin and have a more natural feel. Many wooden toys on the market have less than 12% wetness, which makes them more likely to break.

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