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Ozzy Montessori Sandpaper Letters Personalized Lower and Capital Case With Boxes


Ages: 3-6 Years
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The Montessori learning material, sandpaper letters allow the child to naturally learn the language, and their conversational skills help to build their confidence.


These sandpaper letters are perfect Montessori preschool learning material.


These sandpaper letters can also be used as a guide for handwriting. The child can trace the letter shapes in the style and direction that they are displayed.


This will also improve their fine motor skills, along with their small muscle movements, and development of letter knowledge. The cards can be rearranged to spell simple words.


They can also introduce capital letters into words. Other uses include making textured rubbings and promoting color recognition and shape recognition.


Innovative material.

Developing skills.

Versatile and multi-purpose.


Beautiful box

They come in a beautiful wooden box which keeps them safe from dust and makes them long-lasting and easy to use.

They are important because they are the most important part of phonics for a Montessori teacher or a mother to help students become conscious of sounds.

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