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RAD Children's Furniture Pikler® Triangle With Short Ramp Set


Age: 6 Months-5 Years
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This RAD Pikler® Triangle with a short ramp is great for developing a sense of balance and gross motor skills.


The RAD Pikler® Triangle is the only climbing triangle certified by the Pikler Organization, according to the pedagogical guidelines developed by child development pioneer Dr. Emmi Pikler. The Pikler® Triangle is one of the most versatile products in RAD inventory and of optimal size for a wide range of ages.


It is used to develop a sense of balance and a wide range of gross motor skills, appropriate to a child's age.


Although the Pikler® Triangle may look like a simple climbing frame, this particular design is created with purpose of enhancing your child’s development and imagination. Climb inside of it, collaborating with another child on it etc. However you look at it, the Pikler® Triangle is a highly beneficial instrument for child’s gross motor development which will also endlessly entertain a child.


Add a RAD Reversible Climbing Ramp for the complete package. RAD Pikler® Triangle works with both their Short and Long styles. The Short Ramp is best for smaller spaces where storage and flexibility are a consideration. The Long Ramp is perfect for schools or dedicated play spaces where the Pikler® Triangle has a designated spot.


Although RAD products are crafted to encourage exploration and free-form play, please never leave your child unattended to avoid injury.

RAD Children's Furniture Pikler® Triangle With Short Ramp Set

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