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Sensory Play Round Sorting Wooden Tray


Ages: 1 Year and Up
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Sensory Play has been working overtime and they are very proud to introduce a new pinnacle product to their lineup! Their new 5-part tray is going to be released, and it is going to be a major part of their lineup in the future!

This maple tray contains 5 sorting compartments and a control coin slot. This will be an all-encompassing product that will span from sorting, to classification, to life cycle sets, to math, and beyond! It is designed to be used with or without inserts, and the inserts will expand its learning capabilities. As sets are released for this new tray, they will be available as a tangible wooden product, or a digital download to print at home and cut out to place in the tray.

The tray is 11 inches in diameter.

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