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Sprout Kids Shoe Bench


Ages: 1 Year and Up
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The Perfect Place for a Little One to Sit while They Change

This Shoe Bench with storage is a multi-use item. The top of the bench can be used for children to sit on for putting on shoes, and the built-in storage can be a great spot for them to keep their most-used shoes! Even young children can enjoy the independence of picking out their own outfits and footwear.

The Shoe Bench is made from finished birch plywood. It measures 12 inches H x 11.5 inches D x 30 inches W.

Sprout Kids Montessori

Sprout Kids is a furniture brand from the USA. They create high-quality and sustainable furniture for kids. By creating the furniture, their goal is to get children to be creative and independent.

Sprout Kids’ inspiration comes from Clark Davis’ childhood. He learns that his creative childhood made him who he is. He now creates furniture that can help children feel that creativity.

There are two special things about Sprout. One, their furniture is inspired by Montessori principles. Two, they can be put together without tools. Montessori at home is easy with Sprout Kids.

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