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‎Teytoy Puzzle Ball 8-in-1 Fabric Sensory Ball


Ages: 3 Months and Up
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Rainbow Sensory Balls With 8 Different Sensory Textures

A variety of sensory materials promote baby's tactile development, exercises hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
Bright colors and patterns help baby's vision development, recognizing patterns and colors.
Pleasant sounds as in squeaker or crinkle attract baby's attention, promote baby's hearing, and establish cause and effect relationship.
In short, this sensory ball toy will comprehensively promote sensory development, brain development, stimulate the baby's enthusiasm for exploring the world, help parent-child interaction, and promote family intimacy.


Unique Sensory Development Ball

With 8 different materials and textures, this baby ball has 8 different sensory effects to prompt sensory and brain development. It is a great baby sensory toy gift especially in the early stages of their perception of the world through touch.


Multifunctional Early Education Toy

The rainbow sensory ball hides squeakers rattle and crinkle paper in it. High-contrast colors and pleasant sounds encourage babies to participate in early educational activities such as eye tracking, turning over, tummy time, crawling,etc.


Easy to Grab for Little Hands

This enhances your baby's ability to grab. The ball won't roll too far, which is good for the baby to crawl slowly.


Soft and High Quality

The 8 textures of the ball are made of different fabric materials such as polyester, edging, velour, pineapple velvet, corduroy, mesh fabric, and tricot fabric, which are very soft and not easy to fade. The different pieces of the ball are very well stitched and sturdy.


Also a Hanging Toy

The rainbow Montessori sensory ball has a fabric tag added so that the ball can be hung on a car seat/stroller as a hanging toy for outside or travel use. It is machine washable and really suitable as a gift for boys and girls on birthdays, holidays or other events.

‎Teytoy Puzzle Ball 8-in-1 Fabric Sensory Ball

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