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The Pinned Purveyor Montessori Queen Size House Bed With Slats and Railings


Ages: 15 Months and Up
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Materials: solid, natural, poplar, wood.

What a great Montessori style piece for the bedroom! This item includes all furniture grade poplar hardwood (5 inches wide base, 3 inches wide uppers, and railings as shown in picture), hardware, and instructions for the bed frame. The Pinned Purveyor floor beds come sanded 100% smooth and ready for paint or stain so you can customize it to your decor. Painting is very easy! All you need is a 2-3 quarts of paint and a 4-inch roller. Dimensions shown in photos.

Wood type: poplar - furniture grade and knot-free. Considered a hardwood and has more of a lighter tan look, with some color variance that can get a little darker brown toned. At times you may receive wood that has a green tint to it. This is because The Pinned Purveyor mills it down and expose wood that hasn’t seen much light or air yet. Over the course of a few days or weeks (depending on the lighting and air movement through the room) the green will fade out to light tans and browns.

If you order your bed with legs, you will receive longer uprights (4 corner vertical pieces). The bottom baseboards are attached higher up on them creating legs. You can attach the baseboards at the base of the uprights if you don’t want to use legs, and then later on if you want legs all you would have to do is move the baseboards up.

Tools required for assembly can all be found at any hardware store. You will need a no.2 size square bit (6-inch long style) which is included with bed, a standard phillips (+) bit, a cordless power drill, and an extra set of hands.

Your purchase plants trees! Now when you buy a bed, The Pinned Purveyor plants a tree through an organization called One Tree Planted!

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