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WesGen Wooden Marble Music Tree


Ages: 3 Years and Up
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Safety Material

Made of natural high-quality wood materials. The texture is dense, hard, non-toxic, smooth and free of burrs, and is not harmful to children's health. There are 6 colors, each with 5 petals, and a total of 30 petals. 10 log color balls.


Installation Steps

First, install the bottom screws. Next, connect the tree trunk. Then with the tip of the petals facing down, insert the leaves onto the tree trunk in order from large to small, and from top to bottom. Please refer to the product manual for detailed steps.


Toy Play Method

After installation, the overall size of the product is 8.86 inches x 8.86 inches x 27.95 inches. When the ball is dropped from the top, it will roll along the petals to the next petal. The rainbow music tree will emit a "jingle" music sound, and petals of different sizes will emit different tones. Simple and fun, bringing joy to children.


Developing Intelligence

This Montessori educational toy, with its brightly colored petals and melodious vocal music, can attract children's attention and cultivate their understanding of color and music. Improve children's hand-eye coordination, patience, and fine motor skills, greatly exercising their concentration.


Perfect Gift

This rainbow music tree set will be the best birthday gift for boys and girls, a Christmas gift, a Thanksgiving gift, a New Year gift, or a Children's Day gift. It can become a parent-child interactive game between you and your child, accompanying their growth.

WesGen Wooden Marble Music Tree

  • Burr-Free
  • Non-Toxic
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