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Wood and Hearts Montessori High Chair


Ages: 8 Months-6 Years
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Montessori high

The thoughtful modern design will help to save space and will give your child the opportunity to develop independently and comfortably. This wooden stool will help to develop your baby's motor skills, which contributes to all-around mental development. Montessori training with this piece of furniture for the playroom will help your children learn to cope with household duties, become more responsible, manage their time correctly, and learn how to occupy themselves while respecting the needs of others.

The versatility of this highchair will allow you to use it as a feeding place, for entertainment, or for teaching your child.

The chair fits kids from 8 months to 6 years old and can hold up to 60 kilos/133 pounds.

The height of the seat can be easily adjusted depending on the age or height of the child. Thus, your kid will be able to grow into this chair and it will last you for a long time.

The tower stool is made from high-class polished birch plywood and beech wood. Birchwood is very strong and flexible. Wood and Hearts makes sure that everything is brought in perfect condition.

For coating, Wood and Hearts uses only high-quality, sustainable water-based, and environmentally friendly varnish. And that’s why their products do not cause any allergic reactions and do not emit harmful substances.

Wood and Hearts Montessori High Chair

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • High-Quality
Wood and Hearts

WoodandHearts is a kids' furniture company based in the USA. They create furniture based on Montessori educational method. Their products are safe and foster children’s independence.

Denys Shkribliak has been getting inspiration from his kids. He started applying wood because he learns that it is safer than plastic. He also applies Montessori and Pikler’s approaches to designing.

WoonandHearts have been creating their furniture using wood and safe materials for children. They have also been certified by CE and CPC as well as other major international toy standards.

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