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Zuzu Puzzle Name Puzzle 4-5 Letters With 1 Animal


Ages: 6 Months and Up
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A handcrafted, personalized wooden puzzle, carefully painted with vibrant, eco-friendly colors. Each piece fits together, not just forming shapes and letters, but creating a narrative, a memory unique to your baby and toddler. And as your little one baby grows, so does the story behind this puzzle. It's not just a toy and a gift, but a memento of their childhood journey, and their learning milestones.

The puzzles are more than just toys. They're a blend of education, creativity, and emotional connection. They're a snapshot of the journey your baby embarks on as they explore, learn, and grow. And above all, they're a perfect keepsake for mom, dad and child, preserving beautiful memories for years to come.

Zuzu Puzzle believes in creating not just puzzles, but pieces of love and nostalgia, that stand the test of time.


A Unique Gift & Super Toy

Zuzu Puzzle made special name puzzles with great effort for each color combination. The beauty of the puzzles lies not only in their aesthetic appeal but also in the deep stories they tell. Each piece is a simple piece of wood turned into a breathtaking piece of art. Their original, patented designs embody a unique blend of creativity and refinement. Not just puzzles, but works of art that engage the mind and touch the soul.


The Best and Coolest

Zuzu Puzzle produces the healthiest puzzle by using the highest quality wood possible: Instead of an unhealthy name puzzle caused by wood chips and sanding varnish that may occur on untreated wood, they produce a healthy puzzle using the highest quality MDF.


Handmade & Safety First

Crafted with love, each order is handmade and tailored to your specifications, creating a truly unique and personalized keepsake for your baby. TSCA Certificate and Greenguard-Certified, non-toxic dyes. Rounded corners and smooth surfaces. The puzzles do not have any of the allergenic fragrances specified in the European Union Toy Safety Directive and Legislation.

Zuzu Puzzle Name Puzzle 4-5 Letters With 1 Animal

  • Greenguard Certified
  • High-Quality
  • Non-Toxic
  • TSCA Compliant

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