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Alison's Montessori Beads

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Ages: 3-6 Years
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Ages: 9-12 Years
$17.00 Shipping


Ages: 3-12 Years
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Working with beads offers children a tactile sensation to understand the concept of numbers to thousands. Instead of memorizing, it helps children to complete math problems with manipulatives.

Ages: 3-6 Years
$13.00 Shipping


Ages: 3-6 Years
$13.00 Shipping


Ages: 3-9 Years
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Ages: 6-9 Years
$20.00 Shipping

Children at the age of 4 can already use this material the same way as older children do. It is suggested to introduce this material at around that age, even if elementary students will benefit more.
Maria Montessori image
"4-year-old children composed numbers up to a thousand; and, later, children between 5 and 6 years of age can perform the 4 operations on numbers running into the thousands." Maria Montessori, The Discovery of the Child

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