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Mind Brain Emotion Conversation Cards 52 Essential Social Skills


Ages: 5-9 Years
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Winner, Parents' Favorite Award

Modern-day social stories for teaching social skills to kids. Tools created by Harvard educators to help children adjust & succeed with confidence.


Improve Social Communication & Emotional Intelligence for Kids

Make friends, manage big feelings, follow directions, have good manners & social norms, bullying, growth mindset, and sense of belonging.


Online Curriculum for Home & Classroom

Ready-to-use teaching essentials with card responses, discussion guides, social scripts, learning activities, and problem-solving prompts.


Easy to Use

Roleplay, chat, and talk about emotions while playing slap jack or go fish card game for kids. Age-appropriate social situations and speech therapy game to build language, social skills, and relationships.


Track Progress With Assessment & Checklists

Align with SEL standards, by grade. Perfect as kindergarten learning activities, elementary conversation starters, brain teasers, mind games, and educational flash cards for special education.


Play Anytime, Anywhere

Portable and sturdy tin can and card deck made for car ride traveling, table topics, morning meetings, circle time, traveling to classrooms, lesson stations, mealtime, bedtime, and scout camping.


Practical and Useful

For kids, parents, grandparents, teachers, counselors, psychologists, and mental health therapists.

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