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Adena Montessori Lacing With Tray Bead Set


Ages: 1-2 Years
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Montessori adena montessori lacing tray with bead set

Engaging Stringing Activity

The Montessori Lacing With Tray features a set of 8 brightly colored wooden shapes and a thread. Children are encouraged to string the shapes onto the thread, providing an engaging activity that captures their attention and stimulates their curiosity.


Development of Motor Skills

By manipulating the laces and threading the shapes, children enhance their fine motor control and hand-eye coordination. The process of stringing the easily grasped shapes requires precise movements, which helps refine their dexterity and strengthen their hand muscles.


Cognitive and Visual Perception Skills

As children engage in stringing the shapes, they develop cognitive skills such as problem-solving, concentration, and focus. They learn to identify shapes and colors, promoting their visual perception abilities and facilitating cognitive development.


Learning Opportunities

The Montessori Lacing With Tray offers various learning opportunities for children. They can practice the pincer grip, which is essential for future writing skills. The toy also encourages coordination as children coordinate their hand movements with the placement of the shapes. Furthermore, they can explore sorting activities and create patterns, fostering their logical thinking and creativity.


Large Size Beads for Easy Stringing

The shapes in the set are designed with a larger size, allowing children to easily thread the laces through them. This feature not only enhances their confidence but also helps them develop their creativity and artistic skills as they experiment with different arrangements and patterns.


Progressive Difficulty

The stringing activity can be adjusted to match the child's developmental stage. Younger children can start by threading the shapes randomly, focusing on aligning the thread with the hole in each bead. As they grow and advance, older children can be encouraged to engage in deliberate sequencing and pattern-making, promoting their problem-solving abilities and logical reasoning.

Adena Montessori

Adena Montessori is a Montessori materials supplier from China. With the wish to accompany your children in their lifelong learning journey, they offer various types of Montessori materials.

Adena started 18 years ago in export and began producing Montessori materials 3 years later. Now they have a wide selection of products you can pick out.

Adena has 15 years of experience producing Montessori materials and has a wide range of products. You can select anything from Practical life to furniture for your Montessori home.

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