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Sensory Development

The Montessori Touch Tablets consist of five pairs of wooden tablets designed to enhance sensory development in children. Each pair of tablets features varying degrees of roughness and smoothness, allowing children to explore and differentiate tactile sensations.


Fine Motor Skills

These touch tablets are excellent tools for developing fine motor skills. Children can engage in activities that involve holding, touching, and tracing the tablets, which helps them refine their hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity.


Sensorial Education

The Montessori Touch Tablets provide a sensorial educational experience. By feeling the different textures of the wooden tablets, children engage their senses and develop an understanding of various tactile qualities. They learn to discern between rough and smooth surfaces, honing their ability to observe and classify sensory information.


Cognitive Stimulation

The touch tablets offer cognitive stimulation by encouraging children to observe and analyze differences in texture. This process involves comparing and contrasting the varying degrees of roughness and smoothness, fostering critical thinking skills and promoting cognitive development.


Language Development

The Montessori Touch Tablets also contribute to language development. Children can describe the textures they feel, expanding their vocabulary and learning to express themselves verbally. This verbal interaction aids in language acquisition and communication skills.


Educational Versatility

These touch tablets are versatile educational tools that can be incorporated into various learning activities. They can be used independently or as part of a larger Montessori curriculum, promoting creativity, exploration, and independent learning in children.

Adena Montessori

Adena Montessori is a Montessori materials supplier from China. With the wish to accompany your children in their lifelong learning journey, they offer various types of Montessori materials.

Adena started 18 years ago in export and began producing Montessori materials 3 years later. Now they have a wide selection of products you can pick out.

Adena has 15 years of experience producing Montessori materials and has a wide range of products. You can select anything from Practical life to furniture for your Montessori home.

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