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Aizweb Sentence Building Sight Word Game


Ages: 3 Years and Up
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108-Piece Puzzle

This learning tool features 65 sight word puzzles (color-coded by parts of speech), 29 photo word puzzles, 8 punctuation puzzles, 6 blank puzzles, 2 dry erase markers and eraser, and 1 double-sided sentence building board (you can build a sentence, then write it, draw it). 108-piece puzzle lets you create countless sentences. It's a great tool for developing early sentence-building skills.


Why Aizweb

Aizweb specializes in children's intellectual product development. Aizweb works with special education teachers, brain scientists, and psychologists in the industry to develop unique, multi-sensory educational resources to support teachers and parents and meet students with different learning styles and needs. These learning & education toys give children more and more confidence in their ability to learn and solve problems.


How it Works

Build simple sentence strips by interlocking puzzles, which can help children in kindergarten through second grade practice early reading and writing and strengthen sight word recognition. Aizweb is inspired by the Montessori philosophy that children should have access to toys and materials that are multi-sensory, natural, and self-exploring. Help them reach their maximum potential in learning, communication, emotion, social skills, and behavior.


Safe & Sustainable & Durable

This speech therapy toy is made of eco-friendly paper, is non-toxic, and safe for kids. Spelling cards are durable and easy to use, even in the classroom. Sustainable packaging and products, this is just one step Aizweb is taking to build a brighter future for the younger generation.


Great for Both Homeschool and Classroom Learning

These reading manipulatives will allow students to learn and interact better with teachers and participate in learning in an interesting way, and at the same time develop essential knowledge and skills for reading success through a fun phonics game! K-2 Classroom must-haves. Great for individual or small-group activity.

Aizweb Sentence Building Sight Word Game

  • Child-Safe
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Non-Toxic

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