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Alison's Montessori Rough and Smooth Boards Premium Quality


Ages: 3-4 Years
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Rough and Smooth Boards form a sequential set of premium quality wooden boards aiming to refine the tactile sense and enhance dexterity. The first board is divided into two parts; one smooth texture, and one rough texture. The second board is divided into 10 strips alternating smooth and rough textures. Children practice their muscle control and eye-hand coordination while surveying each textured strip. The third board is divided into five strips ranging from rough texture to smooth texture. The fourth board is also divided into five strips ranging from smooth to the smoothest texture of all. For your convenience, the set is stored horizontally in a compartmentalized wooden box.


Learning Skills

Tactile sense development
Eye-hand coordination
Fine muscle refinement
Language enrichment


Each board is 24 x 13 cm with sandpaper strips mounted on smooth wood.

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