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Alison's Montessori Toddler Snapping Dressing Frame


Ages: 30-36 Months
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Montessori i35-2 (1)

Recommended age group: 30-36 months.

Shipping weight: 2 lbs.


This Toddler Snapping Dressing Frame is designed for preprimary-age children. It consists of a wooden frame with two fabric windows that fasten in the center with three snapping buttons. The frame is smaller than traditional frames designed for primary level (3-6). Children can work on pulling snap buttons apart, from top to bottom, and practice aligning and pressing on snap buttons to close them. Children enjoy hearing the click of a snapping button at closing, which can serve as point of interest. Children develop language such as push, push, snap, snapped, release, etc.


Learning Skills

Eye-hand coordination
Fine motor skills
Pincer grasp one-to-one correspondance
Critical thinking (following procedure)

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