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Asweets Baby Walker With Activity Toys


Ages: 9 Months-3 Years
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Multi Baby Walkers

6-in-1 wooden push walker with xylophone, mirror, shape puzzles, beads, gears, and more to keep baby entertained. A variety of activities to stimulate the baby's senses.


High Quality and Safety

The baby push walkers meet all current chemical composition and safety standards for items used by children. The wooden wheels are covered with a thick layer of rubber for a smooth ride and to protect your floor. Easy to assemble with a screwdriver and instructions.


Promote Baby's Skills

6 ways to play to attract your baby's attention more and learn through play. Stimulate baby's imagination and improve baby's practical skills. Exercise baby's hand-eye coordination, cognitive ability, finger dexterity, etc.


Best Gift for Kids

Whether your little one is sitting, squatting, standing, or walking, they will love the Asweets push-and-pull walker and they will be happy to get it as a gift.


Asweets Guarantee

Asweets has a global footprint, making our quality and safety exceed world standards. They guarantee a 12-month warranty. Friendly customer service is always at your side.

Asweets Baby Walker With Activity Toys

  • Child-Friendly
  • Child-Safe
  • High-Quality

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