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Baby K Wooden Baby Play Gym With 7 Toys


Ages: 0-12 months
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Stimulates Senses

With wooden hanging toys for baby gym and a book with crinkly pages, your baby will be able to stimulate their sensory development. The baby hanging toys for the play mat also come with buckles for added security.


Get Your Dancing Shoes

The activity gym for babies offers features that help develop your baby's sense of sound. With bells that sound like soothing wind chimes sewn into the monochrome toys for activity gym.


Improves Motor Skills

The baby jungle gym helps improve overall motor skills through tummy time, reaching out to the hanging toys for the baby gym provided for improved hand-eye coordination, and constant movement.


Safe and Sound

The wooden baby play gym for babies offers various safety features that keep your baby safe and sound. The baby gyms for infants also come with toys that are made with baby-safe materials!


Develops Vision

The toys provided, such as the black and white hanging toys, colorful book, and mirror toy, help your baby develop their overall vision and teach your baby to recognize human faces.

Baby K Wooden Baby Play Gym With 7 Toys

  • Baby-Safe Materials
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