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Behind The Anger Conversational Card Game


Ages: 6 Years and Up
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Anger Control for Kids

A fun and therapeutic approach for kids of all ages to learn how to deal with and express their anger in a non-violent way. Behind The Anger Card Game helps children develop the skills to identify the emotions hidden behind their anger and learn ways to positively deal with their emotions.


Deal With Anger Positively

Anger is an emotion that everyone has, regardless of age, culture, or socio-economic background. It is not the emotion in itself that is a problem, but the way in which individuals deal with and express their anger is what makes the difference. Behind The Anger’s fun social skills and anger management game teaches kids the socially appropriate and healthy ways to deal with and express anger.


Long-Lasting Effects

Kids, teens, and even adults can benefit from what Behind The Anger’s anger control game will teach. Behind the Anger game teaches skills that have a long-lasting impact and create a positive outcome that will remain long after the game is played.


Simple & Fun Anger Management Game

Parents can play this simple and enjoyable game with their children so they can work through their anger issues together. This anger control game creates a great bonding experience between parents and children.


Created by a Therapist

Behind The Anger was designed by an expert family therapist. This fun and fast-paced anger relief card game for kids is also great for parents, therapists, psychologists, school counselors, educators, psychotherapists, and anyone who wants to learn healthy ways to express anger.

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