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Best Busy Board Wall Mounted Busy Board 30 x 40 With Puzzle


Ages: 8 Months-4 Years
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The busy board is a popular functional toy for kids. It's fun to play with and, at the same time, helps your child develop a range of valuable skills.

Did you know that, in babies, crucial neural connections happen before age three? Do not miss the years essential for your child's development! At an early age, the toddler learns by playing.

Thus, Best Busy Board created a multi-functional sensory board, which helps adopt numerous skills. The game teaches fine motor skills, coordination, independence, household and self-care skills, perseverance, and dexterity. It helps to improve tactile sensitivity, logic, memory, imagination, and ingenuity. While playing, your child will also learn new topics, colors, shapes, etc.

In the modern world, this is a smart replacement for gadgets and it's not bad for eyesight. At the same time, your baby won't get bored in 15 minutes and will keep discovering something new. The busy board is an excellent idea for a 1st birthday gift and a stylish decoration for a child's room.

With this activity board, there's no need to attend fine motor skills lessons or come up with new exercises. Nurture a future genius using this educational toy!

You can just watch your baby play, but it's much more fun if you join. Create memories of exploring the world through touch with your little one. There are so many things to discover together in this new world! Show your child that the door opens when the lock is opened. Pressing the switch turns on the light. And that all three gears work when the one is turned.

All children have what it takes to be geniuses. But only with your parental care and help they can become one!


Make sure you buy the size you wish. They have options:

11.8 x 15.7 inches.
15.7 x 19.6 inches.
19.6 x 25.5 inches.
23.6 x 31.4 inches.
23.6 x 39.3 inches.


The busy board comes with mounts to put on the wall.

This sensory board is an essential toy for every kid from 8 months to 4+ years old. It will support your baby's development at various stages of growth. Also, this wooden busy board has multiple elements intended for different needs and ages.


Busy Boards

Busy boards are durable and safe. Handmade from high-quality plywood.
All elements are carefully and securely attached to the base.
Every corner/edge is smoothly sanded.
Safe water-based acrylic paints are used.


They attach all elements deliberately and check each one before sending the board. However, please bear in mind that the product might be damaged during the delivery. Best Busy Board do all in their power to ensure its safety and pack it properly. However, it's impossible to control how the board is handled along the way. Therefore, they strongly recommend fully checking the toy for damage before giving it to the child.


The Board Should be Used Under Parental Supervision

For your child's safety, ensure that the board is well attached to the wall. It is dangerous to use the board leaning against the wall, as it may fall on the child. For safety reasons and to guarantee the toy's durability, do not let the child walk or climb on the board if it is on the floor.



Wipe all attachments with a damp cloth. Do not wipe the board with the products containing alcohol!

Best Busy Board Wall Mounted Busy Board 30 x 40 With Puzzle

  • High-Quality
  • Water-Based Paint
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