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Community Playthings Baby Shelf


Ages: 6 Months and Up
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Designed just for babies and toddlers learning to walk, this popular Baby Shelf will become the center of your room. Children love the soft feel of the carpeted top, while the inside mirrors and peek-a-boo holes invite play and discovery for crawlers.


Product Dimensions

Height: 16 inches
Width: 14 inches
Length: 37 inches



Hardwood ledge surrounds the top, giving a handhold for toddlers and preventing toys from rolling off.

Carpeted top surface is a soft sensory experience for small hands.

Acrylic mirrors inside end panels.

Rounded edges and corners ensure your children’s safety.

Manufactured in the USA.

100% designed, and manufactured in the USA.


Free Delivery
Shipping is always free in the contiguous US.

No Tool Assembly
Customer friendly designs make any assembly simple and tool-free.

10-Year Warranty
Community Playthings products are built to last for a life time of play.

Customer Support
Don’t hesitate to call. Community Playthings offers serious product support.

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