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Conscious Kids Academy Feelings Flashcards


Ages: 3 Years and Up
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Empower your kids to better communicate how they're feeling with our value-packed feelings flashcards. Give your kids the confidence to share how they're feeling by going through exercises with them, sharing your own stories (being an example), and creating a safe space at home where they'll feel it's okay to share their feelings openly.


One deck.

For ages 3 and up.

50 unique feelings.

3 parent-teacher cards.

50 illustrated mini-examples.

A tough magnetic box you can take on the go.

Endless learning opportunities.

The cards can also be used as one-on-one communication practice, conversation starters, classroom exercises, bedtime stories, talk therapy, and creative storytelling.


Unique Gift Idea

These feelings flashcards can be a great gift idea for your kids or a friend with kids as a birthday or holiday gift.

A great teaching tool for teachers and parents to develop awareness in toddlers how they are feeling.

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