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Coogam Wooden Matching Blocks Color and Shape Sorting Box

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Ages: 3-5 Years
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Wooden Color and Shape Sorting Box

The well-constructed wooden shape sorter comes with a durable wooden box with 5 drawers, each labeled a different color and shape on both sides, 25 wooden disks in 5 separate patterns and colors, and 13 double-sided cards with 26 quizzes on them for children to do simple logical thinking.


Meet Toy Safety Standards

Coogam toys are safely made with high-quality wood. A thick and solid wooden board and multi-shape puzzles are burr-free with water-based paint to meet the toy safety standards.


Color-Coded Geometric Shapes

Nicely incised cut-outs are color-coded with various colors and patterns, with the names of the shapes underneath each groove. Perfect for toddlers and babies to practice shape matching while learning color perception.


Manipulative With Pegs

A handy peg is on the top of each wooden block that makes it easy for kids to exercise grip, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. Matching the colorful patterns is a perfect way to introduce children to the basic geometric math concept.


Montessori Educational Toy

The durable shape-sorting puzzle toy is perfect for homeschooling and teaching in classrooms or small study groups. It is an ideal holiday gift for kids learning color identification and shape recognition.

Coogam Wooden Matching Blocks Color and Shape Sorting Box

  • Burr-Free
  • High-Quality
  • Multi-Shaped
  • Water-Based Paint

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