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Decker Rd Seeds Kids Plant & Harvest Kit


Ages: 3 Years and Up
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This listing is for one child's garden seed kit, with everything your kid needs to start his/her own garden


Kit Includes

6 coco fiber pots
6 soil pellets
6 wooden plant markers
6 stickers
6 seed tins filled with seeds
Planting instructions
Packaged in a stamped cotton muslin bag, with hemp drawstring (approximately 7 x 9 inches)


Seed Varieties Include



This kit is designed with kids in mind - all seeds are larger (easier to handle) and easy to grow - just add water to the soil pellet, wait until it expands, then add the seeds! Mark each pot with the label provided, and you should have little seedlings in approximately 7 - 20 days (depending on temperature and type of seed)


This kit is designed for indoor use to get your seeds started. Once the seeds have sprouted and begun to grow, they will quickly outgrow their small fiber pots. At this time they will need to be transplanted outdoors either directly in the ground or into a larger pot

Decker Rd Seeds Kids Plant & Harvest Kit

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