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Discussables Conversation Cards


Ages: 6-12 Years
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Value for the Money

Contains 400 questions that make your child the center of your attention. Discussables appreciates the idea that kids spell love T-I-M-E, so Discussables included tons of questions for family game night or a long road trip.


Connect With Your Kids

Learn things you don't know about topics you may not think to ask about, be present with your kids, and give them a chance to learn more about you. Practice conversational skills like curiosity, telling stories, and sharing as well as social-emotional learning skills.


Not Your Standard Questions

It can be hard to know what to talk about with our children. Discussables has come up with some thoughtful, new questions that avoid repetition and are different from what we normally ask.


Create Moments of Connection Anywhere

The cards are small (2.5 x 1.75 inches) and double-sided. They’re easily portable for car rides and road trips, bedtime, the family dinner table, or wherever you have time and space to connect. Make great car games or driving games to break the silence or screen time when on the go.


How to Use/Who They're for

Best for parents and their kids aged 6-12 years, though anyone can have fun with this children's game. To use: choose a card, parents ask their kid(s) the question, parents give their full attention to their child as they answer. Flip the card over and repeat. If you work through the entire box, you'll learn loads about each other, communicate deeply, and treasure the conversations you have.

Discussables Conversation Cards

  • Double-Sided
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