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Epessa Baby Mirror Toy


Ages: 0-18 Months
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Black and White Baby Toy

Babies love large tummy-time mirror toys! Epessa designed a baby floor mirror larger than others and also it’s more stable because of the big angle. Besides keeping your little cutie busy playing, she/he can still learn animals from the high-contrast shape patterns on the other side.


Baby Toy for Ages 0-18 Months

Epessa cares about your sweetie, safe and non-toxic fabric with a soft stitched edge design will avoid scratches, and all components are well-sewn to prevent them from falling off. Baby mirror crib is made of high-quality plastic, unlike the plane reflection of glass, it is more like a distorting mirror, which will attract the attention of the baby.


Montessori Toys for Babies Ages 6-12 Months

Experiments have proved that newborns prefer to look at high-contrast complex patterns, which helps to exercise the baby’s vision and stimulate the baby’s curiosity. Let the baby observe the Montessori toy safe mirror during tummy time and it will improve the infant’s cognitive ability and promote intellectual development.


Not only the Tummy Time Toys

Epessa's newborn toys are not only perfect for tummy time, but also hanging mirrors for your car seat mirror, stroller, crib, and so on. Why not hang these sensory toys behind your car seat to comfort your little one while traveling?


Best Shower Gift

What fun baby's self-discoveries are! Every baby deserves this brain development toy. They love the special soft sounds made by crinkle papers, love their reflection in the baby play mirror, and also love the novelty patterns! Babies are always curious about everything!

Epessa Baby Mirror Toy

  • High-Quality
  • Non-Toxic
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