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Etucdose Wooden Baby Gym With 6 Toys Zoo


Ages: 0-12 Months
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Montessori Etucdose Wooden Baby Gym With 6 Toys Zoo

Excellent Design

Etucdose wooden gym frame is made of unfinished beech, sanded to be smooth and free of any chemicals. The wooden baby gym comes with 6 wooden toys, including an elephant, a lion, a giraffe, a zebra, a hippo, and a leaf. The baby gym is child-safe and saliva-resistant! It’s great for teaching your baby to grab, crawl, sit up, stand up, and go for their first steps.


Natural and Healthy

The baby gym keeps the wood's natural color and the toys have soft colors that let babies see them safely while also introducing them to different colors. Great for newborns.


Hand-Eye Coordination

When babies lie under the baby gym, they can play with the toys to strengthen their arms and become more flexible. The gym also helps stimulate babies’ senses of color, touch, and reach. It's a fantastic tool for teaching your little one to grab objects, crawl, sit up, stand up, and take their first steps. This wooden play gym provides fun ways for babies to exercise while engaging in activities that support brain development and motor skills.


Easy to Set Up and Take Down

The construction of the baby gym allows you to change or add more toys. It’s easy to assemble and fold away. Definitely use the baby gym with adult supervision. Etucdose’s baby play gym consists of two detachable legs and a round stick. When assembling, you only need to connect the legs, put on the pendants (arranged at will), then install the screws and tighten them. The baby gym also adapts very well to any nursery and space in the house.


Multi-Scene Use

The wooden activity gym can be instantly set up in the nursery, playroom, or anywhere you want. It is not only a baby's fitness toy, but also a beautiful decoration for the baby’s room. It is undoubtedly the best choice for active babies. It’s a great addition to your baby’s growth and a nice gift for baby showers, Christmas, or birthdays.

Etucdose Wooden Baby Gym With 6 Toys Zoo

  • Chemical-Free
  • Child-Safe
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