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Figetget Family Balance Game Keep It Steady


Ages: 3 Years and Up
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Montessori Untitled Project (12)

Novel Way to Play

Roll the dice, then draw the sticks with the same color as the dice's top. When only the last three sticks remain to keep balance or collapse, the highest score becomes the winner.


Improve Mathematical Thinking & Logical Thinking

Red stands for three, blue for two, and green for one. Players need to try their best to improve the final score before the end of the game. This process promotes brain development and mathematic operations.


Cause and Effect

In the process of the game, kids gradually understand the relationship between throwing dice, drawing sticks, and scoring. Realize the final score is affected by several factors.


Promote Sensory Development

Bright colors promote children's cognition of colors and different sticks to enhance the understanding of size. Gradually enhance hand-eye coordination to keep balance as much as possible when drawing.


One of The Best Gifts

With beautiful packaging, balance game toys can not only be given to children but also to adults. You can not only entertain yourself but also share happiness with others.

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